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Rent Survey

Rent Survey For Melrose Area. Average rents mentioned in this survey gets updated everyday according to current listing prices.

Apartments $1,781.00
Houses $3,050.00
Duplex $2,255.00
Triplex $1,400.00
Townhomes $2,695.00
Studio $1,263.00
1 Bedroom $1,612.00
2 Bedrooms $2,223.00
3 Bedrooms $3,124.00
4 Bedrooms $4,800.00

About Melrose

The Melrose District runs along the southern border of West Hollywood and Hollywood, starting at Santa Monica Blvd. in the west and beelining toward an ambiguous terminus in the east. Sections of this territory are technically within the borders of other Los Angeles neighborhoods like Fairfax, Hollywood, etc., but the culture and character associated with a close proximity to Melrose Ave. are, perhaps, overriding. Melrose Ave. birthed Southern California’s Punk and New Wave cultures back in the 1980’s and attracted a spirit of independent commerce that persists today: shopping, dining, and entertainment in Melrose are all primarily controlled by local entrepreneurs and innovators, rather than by large corporations. An afternoon/evening excursion there might involve, for example, browsing through a comic book store, walking to a hot dog stand, and then catching a sketch comedy revue at The Groundlings. This concentration of commerce makes for reasonable walkability/bike-ability in the area, to boot.

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