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The Westside Rentals' Mobile App for Landlords is now available on iOS and Android, allowing landlords, real estate agents, brokers and property managers to access, manage, and add new rental vacancies from their mobile devices like never before! Now you can access your Landlord account on the go and stay up to date on the status of your active rental listings.

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  • List Rentals & Upload Photos (It's Never Been Easier)

    With the new Westside Rentals Landlord Mobile App, it has never been easier to list a new vacancy and upload your property photos. You can now take photos with your smartphone and add them to your listing directly through the app. No emailing or editing is required!

  • Post, Edit & Schedule Listings (Both Live & Future)

    Now you can edit current listings and schedule future vacancies all from your smartphone! The new Landlord App streamlines the process of adjusting property information on, helping you to keep your listings current.

  • Message Potential Tenants (Hassle Free)

    Communicating with potential tenants has never been easier thanks to the secure messaging system built into the Westside Rentals Renter and Landlord Apps.

  • Receive Rental Applications (Instantly)

    Now you can access potential tenants' completed rental applications directly through the Westside Rentals' Landlord App. All applications will be securely stored in one convenient digital location- making it faster and easier for you to find the perfect tenant.

  • Free Price Comparisons (Know the Market)

    Our free price comparison tool enables landlords, property managers, real estate agents and brokers to compare pricing against similar properties in the area. This ensures that your property has the greatest chance of success against competing listings.

  • Expand Your Property's Digital Reach (Effortlessly)

    When you list your property on, your vacancy will automatically be advertised to thousands of qualified potential tenants through the Westside Rentals Mobile App for Members. Take full advantage of the free Landlord services offered by Westside Rentals by registering with us today!

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*USA mobile numbers only. Message & data rates may apply.