Get the Pulse on Your Property: The Rent Doctor

Do you need some expert advice on the rental value of your property? Do credit reports leave you feeling confused? Curious about potential returns on upgrades to your rental? Schedule an appointment with our Rent Doctor today and get the pulse on your property!

$99 Rent Doctor
  • Walk-Through of Your Property
    (With a Leasing Expert)

    Receive a live, hands-on evaluation of your property with one of our leasing experts through our Rent Doctor service. Our leasing expert will physically assess all aspects of your property and will determine a recommended monthly rent based on the layout, style, condition, and quality of your rental.

  • Price Assessment (& Market Comparison)

    Curious about the true potential of your property? Our Rent Doctor will find similar leasing comps in your area to better price your property according to market value. Never undercharge on rent again!

  • Online Marketing (Entice Potential Tenants)

    Learn how to translate the unique features of your property into an enticing online profile with expert advice on photos, descriptions and keywords that will help you rent your property quickly and at an optimal price.

  • How to Read Credit Reports (Become a Pro)

    Receive an in-depth explanation of the nuances of credit reports, and learn the most important things to consider or question in a potential tenant. The Rent Doctor will also guide you through the reading of background checks and how to better analyze criminal, fraud, eviction, and sex offender records.