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About Mission Bay
Mission Bay is an area of San Diego comprised of a lagoon (Mission Bay) and an immense park (Mission Bay Park). It is located just a few miles north of the San Diego Bay and borders several neighborhoods, among them Pacific Beach, Bay Park, Morena, and the Midway District. Mission Bay is probably best understood as a gigantic aquatic playground; it attracts runners, skateboarders, and beach-goers, sailors, campers, and swimmers, cyclists, golfers, and fishers—you name it. The area is home to the world-famous SeaWorld animal theme park and oceanarium, so as you might imagine, it attracts a significant amount of tourism.

It is difficult to get around Mission Bay by walking—though walking for leisure is certainly common there—but cycling about the area is eminently practical. The 5 and 8 freeways converge at the neighborhood's southeast terminus; these are your best bet for heading out into other areas of San Diego County.
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