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Why Get Registered and Compliant?
  • It’s the Law! Federal Law requires creditors to document permissible purpose and identity to access credit reports!
  • Best Prices in Town: Free Credit Checks on our members and only $10 for non-member tentants.
  • Best Value: $30 Nationwide Bundle (BEST VALUE): Trans Union Credit Check / Scorecard + Nationwide Criminal + National Sex Offender + Nationwide Eviction Records!
  • Specially Marked Listings: FREE FICO: Rent Faster to Higher Quality Tenants.
  • Avoid Fraud: Fraudulent applicant credit reports are a reality; don’t accept a copy from the applicant- get from a trusted third party.
  • Optional one-time onsite office inspection. One time $75 will verify the security of your office are for a locked cabinet and shredder. ( NO ANNUAL INSPECTION )
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Westside Credit Services, LLC

If you are a landlord, please click here to learn more about how you can receive FREE Credit Checks!

Westside Credit Services, offers free credit checks to Registered and Compliant Landlords when a member of our service applies to their property. These landlords have established permissible purpose under federal law to request credit reports by:

  • Documenting ownership or management of rental property
  • Acknowledging an understanding of federal credit reporting laws and disclosure and privacy procedures
  • Fulfilling requirements set forth by the credit reporting agency

We also provide landlords full tenant screening services on applicants who are NOT members of our service.

For your protection, Non-registered and Non-compliant landlords cannot receive credit checks from us.

Throughout our website you can find listings of the landlords that accept our free credit checks by looking for the red check on the FREE FICO icon.

How The Free Credit Check Process Works:

  • A member fills out and signs any rental application or a Westside Credit Services, . Tenant Screening Application.
  • The landlord requests screening for their property by faxing this signed application to the Westside Credit Services, .
  • Our courteous staff will run the requested credit checks and give the results to the landlord.


Q. Will applying to one or more property affect my credit score?
A. Credit checks run for a landlord or property manager are considered tenant screening inquiries. Tenant screening inquiries may affect your credit score, but multiple inquiries during a specific amount of time only count as one. It is understood that renters apply to multiple properties during their search for residence.

Q. Can I make copies of my own credit check and distribute to landlords myself?
A. Legally, the answer is no. Under the recently enacted Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act ("FACTA") creditors (i.e. landlords) are not permitted to make credit decisions based upon consumer initiated credit checks. Also, most landlords won't accept a credit check that is more than 7 days old.

Q. Who do I talk to if my credit check contains an error?
A. Westside Credit Services, uses Trans Union to run our credit checks. If you feel there is an error regarding the information within your credit check please contact:

Trans Union
1800 916 8800

Q. Can the landlords run a credit check on me if I am not a member of Westside Rentals?
A. Yes, the Westside Credit Services, provides comprehensive tenant screening services to landlords who have filled out a Registration and Compliance Packet for non-members as well. Click here to view tenant screening form.

Q. Do I need to give out my social security number in order to have my credit check run?
A. Without a social security number the credit check results tend to be less accurate and less desirable to landlords, decreasing your chance of renting their property. If you havent been issued a SSN you wont have credit to check.
If you feel uncomfortable providing your SSN, write your phone number instead and our courteous staff will call you directly.

Q. The landlord refuses to become compliant, can you still check my credit and send them my credit check?
A. No. Federal laws prohibit Westside Credit Services, . from releasing credit check results to anyone who has not become Registered and Compliant by filling out the appropriate paperwork.

Westside Credit Services is going green, we plan to be completely paperless by 2010. This means more security for you. All information is saved and secure, to our electronic T file: not printed to paper.