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Frequently Asked Questions

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues

  • Why do some features like Clipboard, Printing, Maps, or Photos not work on my browser?
    Our website is fully compatible with the following browsers:
    Windows Browsers

    • Internet Explorer

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    • Mozilla Firefox

    The following browsers ARE NOT SUPPORTED at this time. We recommend downloading one of the free browsers named above.

    • Netscape 4 or 4.5

    • Safari on the Macintosh

    • Mozilla Firefox on the Windows

    • Internet Explorer on the Macintosh

    • The browser built in to AOL

    • MSN Explorer

    • WebTV

    • Any browser that cannot accept cookies or use JavaScript

    • Any mobile web browsers

    Note: Browsers not named here have not been fully tested.
    Free internet access is available for our members and landlords at each of our 6 office locations.


  • How Do I Upload My Own Photos?
    After logging in go to your Main Menu page. Find the link that says "Manage Photos". Each advertisement can have 3 property photos, 4 unit photos and 1 unit floor plan. Feel free to visit any of our 6 offices for learning about how to use this feature, if you still have questions or doubts.


  • What is a Hot Sheet?
    Hot Sheets are brand new listings for that day only. They come out in both hardcopy and on the Internet at 4pm everyday. (i.e.: the Tuesday Hot Sheet is totally different from the Wednesday Hot Sheet- there will be none of the same properties on them)


  • How Can I Get The Most Out of My Membership?

    • Create your Public Profile and rental Wish List and let landlords and/or roommates come to you!

    • From your Wish List create real time vacancy alert notifications; receive a Daily Digest or Instant Notifications

    • Submit applications and message landlords directly using our internal messaging and application system

    • Save specific vacancy searches by name for easy access in the future

    • Use the Clipboard to keep listings you like and organize the search process.

    • Before or upon moving, explore our Members Benefits Desk to get discounts and rebates on basic services you are likely to purchase on or around moving time (satellite tv, hi-speed internet, furniture, self-storage, moving services, car rental, etc., etc.).