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Why Get Registered and Compliant?
  • It’s the Law! Federal Law requires creditors to document permissible purpose and identity to access credit reports!
  • Best Prices in Town: $10 Transunion Credit Check
  • Best Value: $30 Nationwide Bundle (BEST VALUE): Trans Union Credit Check / Scorecard + Nationwide Criminal + National Sex Offender + Nationwide Eviction Records!
  • Avoid Fraud: Fraudulent applicant credit reports are a reality; don’t accept a copy from the applicant- get from a trusted third party.
  • Optional one-time onsite office inspection. One time $75 will verify the security of your office are for a locked cabinet and shredder. ( NO ANNUAL INSPECTION )

Save money with Westside Rentals

Helping Landlords Rent Faster and Safer

Westside Rentals tenant screening department provides a convenient, fast and secure tenant screening service for landlords, property managers, real estate agents and brokers. Get results the same day on applications submitted before 8pm seven days a week!

We are the experts!
We highly recommend you fully screen your tenants. Checking not only their credit but also checking their background such as Criminal Records, Eviction Records, Fraud Records, and Sex Offender records.

Best Product!
Nationwide Bundle provides you with the most valuable information available of your potential tenant. Product includes Nationwide Criminal Records, Nationwide Eviction Records, Nationwide Fraud Records, and Nationwide Sex Offender Records along with their TransUnion Credit Report/ Scorecard.

Nationwide Bundle total cost is $30.00 – Renting to someone who has a history of being evicted can cost you up to $4,000 or more! Better to be safe than sorry! Everyday a tenant remains in default and in your rental unit, you lose money. With the average apartment rent being over $1,200.00 per month, you are losing $40.00 each and every day that the non-performing tenant remains in your unit.

Credit Check Procedure
The landlord faxes OR e-mails over a Rental Application signed by the prospective tenant to 888 – 938 – 1116 or Reports@WestsideCreditReports.com with a cover sheet indicating:

  • The landlords name.
  • Which screening products you are requesting (Just credit – or – credit + full background)
  • Method of payment if requesting a full credit report/scorecard with full background.
  • A contact number that we can reach for any questions.
  • An e-mail address or fax number to send the results to.
  • Please make sure the application is completely filled out. Providing social security number, date of birth, tenants address and the application must be signed.

The tenant screening department will process the applications in the order received and call the landlord if there is any problem. Once the credit check is completed, we will fax or email the results to the landlord. If a charge is associated with the tenant screening (credit + background) please let us know on the cover sheet or e-mail how you want to pay for it. Options include:

  • Credit card on tenant screening application
  • Credit card over the phone
  • Credit card or cash in any of our 7 locations.

Compliance & Registration Procedure
In order to process credit reports on individuals, the Tenant Screening Department (TSD) of Westside Rentals is required by Federal Law and bureau regulations to obtain specific information on the person and/ or company requesting this information. Please find the forms necessary to meet these compliance mandates by clicking on Registration for Credit Checks. There is a 24-HOUR turn-around time once the registration packet is received for processing. Once your registration packet is processed we can run credit checks for you – PLEASE ACT ACCORDINGLY. These documents serve these three basic purpose.

  • Establish that you are a creditor (landlord or property manage, agent ) and have permissible purpose under federal law to receive credit reports. Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 604 [15 U.S.C. 1681b].
  • Provide acknowledgement of federal credit reporting laws and policies in place to protect tenants from identity theft.
  • Establish that you are compliant under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 607 [15 U.S.C. 1681e].

Once approved, you will be registered for life and will be able to receive reports from Westside Rentals 7- days a week. Westside Rentals is the #1 Home Finding Service in Southern California and HIGHLY recommends you FULLY screen your potential tenants.

Westside Rentals Tenant Screening Department Contact Information:
Compliance Department Fax: 888 – 938 – 1119
Compliance Department Email: Compliance@WestsideCreditReports.com
Credit Check Request Fax: 888 – 938 – 1116
Credit Check Request Email: Reports@WestsideCreditReports.com
Phone: 310 – 576 – 1443

Hours of Operation:
7 - Days A Week from 8am – 8pm