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About Goleta
Goleta is a 'college town' city in the southern Santa Barbara County region of California. It borders Isla Vista in the south, Santa Barbara proper in the east, and various unincorporated territories to the north. Goleta is perhaps best known as the home of the University of California, Santa Barbara, a lively, populous, and research-oriented multi-college satellite of the UC system. UCSB's geography—and Goleta's geography, more generally—is uncommonly picturesque; UCSB buildings, private homes, and various businesses sit atop gorgeous seaside cliffs and overlook small lagoons and rivulets.

Moreover, Goleta lies just south of the Santa Ynez mountain range and multiple large state parks and wilderness areas, all of which redouble its natural beauty. Housing there is split nearly evenly between owner-occupied and rental. Apart from UCSB, local institutions of note include a Raytheon hub, Santa Barbara Airport, and several Spanish-style resorts. Primary throughways: the Pacific Coast Highway and the 192, 217, and 154 freeways.
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