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About Westlake Village
Westlake Village is a fully pre-planned residential and commercial development that sits on and spans the line between Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. It is cradled among Thousand Oaks (north/west), Agoura Hills (east), and the Santa Monica Mountains (south). As you might expect from a cross-county municipality, all manner of technicalities peeve Westlake Village residents and business owners when it comes to zip codes and addresses and the like, so let us simply do as the locals do and refer to the general area as “Westlake.”

Westlake is a fairly affluent community, largely owing to its relative seclusion—it lies a significant distance from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles—its suburban, small-town vibe—it has all the charm and beauty of other such planned communities in Orange County—and its proximity to open, green spaces—it lies in the foothills of the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains and is surrounded by hiking and horseback riding trails. Primary arteries: the 101 freeway and Lindero Canyon Road.
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