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About Moreno Valley
Moreno Valley is a large (51-plus square mile) and populous (193,000-plus residents) city in northwestern Riverside County, just east/southeast of Riverside itself. As its name would suggest, Moreno Valley is generally sandwiched between mountain ranges—the Santa Ana range a ways to the west and the San Bernardino range a ways to the east; the city is also directly adjacent to a smaller, standalone peak called Box Spring Mountain.

Moreno Valley has long been home to a significant Air Force presence; the base at March Field has been downgraded from a full-fledged base to an Air Force Reserve base, but remains the city's biggest employer. South of the city lie both Mystic Lake and Lake Perris, as well as the public recreation and game hunting lands that accompany them. Major arteries running through the area are more or less limited to the 215 and 60 freeways, which converge in the northwest corner of Moreno Valley.
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