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About Riverside
Riverside is the immensely populous namesake city of Riverside County, a vast tract of land that grows less and less developed as it stretches east to California's border with Arizona. Riverside is a quintessential Inland-Empire city, sequestered from such major SoCal population centers as San Diego and Los Angeles by various lakes, scattered mountain ranges, and bulk mileage. Among the dozen-or-so municipalities that Riverside borders, San Bernardino and Fontana are the most prominent. All together, they make up a pretty huge population center, and Riverside's manufacturing, health care, and education industries play key roles in the Inland Empire's overall constitution.

With a bit of driving, Riverside residents can access the San Gabriel, Santa Ana, and San Bernardino mountain ranges—along with their various natural charms and curiosities. Riverside is also bordered by the Santa Ana River in the north; in Southern California, proximity to a functional river (as opposed to, say, the LA River) is a rarity. Major throughways: the 91 freeway and the 60/215 interchange.
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