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About Palm Springs
Palm Springs is the largest city, by area, in Riverside County. It is only slightly farther from San Diego than it is from Los Angeles, and in both cases the distance is significant—more than 100 miles. This relative seclusion from Southern California's most heavily urbanized areas, combined with its proximity to such natural landmarks as the Palm Desert, the Santa Rosa-San Jacinto Mountains, and Joshua Tree National Park, contribute to Palm Springs' popularity as a resort destination.

Tourists flock in droves to Palm Springs, and this activity is not limited to a certain season; year-round pleasant weather and extensive accommodations, from hotels to spas to restaurants, permit the city's economy to run on its tourism industry. As for living there full time, prospective residents will note that Palm Springs has a vibrant LGBTQ community and great enthusiasm for arts and culture. Outdoor recreation is also a perk to living in the area; Palm Springs supports golf, hiking, horseback riding, and tennis, among others. Primary arteries: the 111, 10, and 74 freeways.
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