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Total Current Listings:9,308
New Listings (24 Hrs):1,111
Listings with Photos:9,275
Listings Allowing Pets:5,391

Information is Power

WestsideRentals.com is the definitive marketplace for connecting landlords and tenants in Southern California. Since 1996, we've helped more than 1 million renters search for housing. Hundreds of thousands of SoCal landlords look to WestsideRentals.com to assist them in finding responsible tenants to fill their vacancies.

The typical SoCal renter spends 40-50% of their disposable income on rent. Having access to the most continuously updated database of vacancies provides knowledge and information about the rental marketplace that can result in savings in monthly rent payments that pay for the membership fee many times over. New features on our service permit Members to contact Landlords AS WELL AS to be approached by Landlords seeking tenants.

The success of the service is based on four longstanding principles:

  • Landlords shall list their vacancies FOR FREE avoiding costly advertising expense, while gaining access to quality tenants that are serious about moving.

  • Westside Rentals Members shall have access to the most comprehensive up-to-date vacancy database and photo library to find the place that is right for them at a fair market price, while saving time, energy, gas and money in the process.

  • Westside Rentals Members (tenants) shall be eligible for discounts and rebates on basic services they are likely to purchase around moving time making their search for housing effectively free of charge. Discounts provided by the WSR Members Benefits Desk include moving, self-storage, and furniture.

  • Landlords shall have the necessary tools for researching prospective tenants while enabling Members to avoid paying credit check fees while looking for the right place to live.

Corporate Accounts Program

Westside Rentals now offers a program for our corporate partners to provide memberships to their employees. If you are interested in helping your employees lower their cost of living, check out our Corporate Accounts Program